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Name:Fir wood bar
Specifications:SMF STF SWF HZF HDF
Introduction:SMF STF SWF HZF HDF, Fir wood Bar

Dimensions: 1.5" deep x 1.4" witdth( deep 38mm x width 35mm).

Sinofirst Gallery wrap Stretcher Bars made of first quality kiln dried fir wood . Rounded back edge designed so that the canvas is always a full 1/2" elevated from the stretcher bar to insure that there will be no ghost impressions on the canvas. This Gallery wrap design is suitable for galleries or expos as most galleries or museums do not require extra framing for gallery-wrapped canvases, it was the best stretcher bars for the unframed painting of the gallery wrap style. it also call artist stretcher bars, or gallery stretcher bars.

The gallery wrap cross braces slide easily into the gallery wrap stretcher frame for a solid fit and are sold only with stretcher strip orders. For sizes longer than 36" use of cross braces will provide better strength and stability. Let us know the size of the overall canvas frame and, we will suggest single or cross braces.

The Gallery wrap was packin at 30 pieces per carton. the cross braces was 35 pieces per carton.

We also sale no cutting moulding at 3 Meter length, please contact us for a good price quote.

Gallery wrap StretcherBars Gallery wrap Cross braces HZF-A ( A and B was in pairs)
Gallery wrap Stretcher Bar

Gallery wrap Cross braces HZF-B

( A and B was in pairs)

Gallery wrap StretcherBars Gallery wrap Single braces(HZF-C)
Gallery wrap Stretcher Bars

Gallery wrap Cross braces A and B              ( A and B assembled)


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